passport whisky 1000ml

Passport Scotch- 750ML

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Passport Scotch Whisky- 750ML


Passport Scotch is known to be the largest contributor to the Scotch whisky growth and worldwide the 5th quickest growing spirit brand.This blend was developed by Chivas brothers blender Jimmy Lang during the 1960s since he had its recipe.


It has a fruity taste and creamy finishing and can be mixed with any soft drink that you like.

Alcohol percentage

contains 40% of alcohol.


This is one of the most drunk scotch in Kenya for those who want a lighter style of blend. It is sold at a fair price which is affordable to most customers. Potential customers can purchase this Passport Scotch at our webshop Buy Drinks Kenya at a cheap and affordable price. Free delivery is offered in Naironi and its environs and at a fair cost outside Nairobi.


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