Martini Rosso 750ml

Martini Rosso – 750ML




Martini Rosso Vermouth – 750ML

Martini Rosso was created by Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi. These two skilled men had a passion of producing a unique and stylish Italian product hence Martini Rosso. This vermouth is natural, extraordinary and refreshing. Made from well selected herbal and natural caramel hence its rich scarlet hue.

Enjoyed in cocktails, cola, over ice or adding the extra flavour to foods. It contains 15% of alcohol by volume and readily available in our shop Buy Drinks Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya.

We offer free and fast delivery around Nairobi and its environs. At most we take 1 hour to make a delivery around Nairobi at no extra cost. We also deliver outside Nairobi at a fair and affordable cost.




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