John Jameson 1L

John Jameson – 700ml



John Jameson – 700Ml

John Jameson is a luxurious Irish Whisky with an extraordinary harmony. It was founded by John Jameson in 1780 who had a family motto Never far from the action. He introduced a way of making whisky that most people are proud of and makes them loyal to it till now.

He distilled over 200 years of craft, courage and smooth whiskey down to two things that is people and process. Virgin oak is used in the maturation process making it the only whisky that uses this content. According to the Whisky Bible 2013, this blend is awarded 95 points out of 100 making it the perfect blent to enjoy yourself with.

To the nose it has a delicate floral fragrance, grainy notes, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes. The taste is round and smoot, perfectly balanced spices with notes of toasted wood, vanilla and hints of sweet sherry. It also contains 40% of alcohol by volume.

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