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Gin is a spirit that is flavoured with juniper berries.It’s one of the world’s most complex and best loved spirit. This is a popular drink in Britain and beyond across the globe. It’s a famous drink especially in Kenya where statemen, soldiers and even the working class continue to enjoy it.

It was historically used to treat Malaria hence good to our bodies and skin. Gin is natural as it’s made from natural ingredients hence a herbal remedy.  Its made from grain mash or any other mash to produce a neutral spirit which is infused with botanicals such as juniper. Juniper packs a pleasant, floral and assertively woodsy, piney flavour.

Examples include Tanqueray, Bombay sapphire, Hendricks, Berkshire, bulldogs, gilbeys among others. Customers can buy this product at our webshop  Buy Drinks Kenya.We sell at a fair price and free delivery is offered in Nairobi and at a fair cost in other areas of the country.